“Brilliant stuff, been waiting for this.”

“A shame you can’t get more of your standards incorporated into Building Control.”

“Like other AECB self builders, I spent ages trying to figure out difficult details on a very demanding barn rebuild. I am enormously indebted to all the good advice that AECB members have given me over the last few years. Having published details makes understanding the issues and details much easier. Now well into my building project I have learnt lots of lessons through my own mistakes and by relooking at past advice Im now running the occasional course introducing the basics of sustainable building and I shall continue to urge all those who attend to join the AECB and check out the gold details.”

“I applaud the hard work and thoroughness of the long awaited Gold Standard.”

“Well done for producing the detail needed for low energy houses. It’s about time this sort of detail became easily accessible.”

“Such a brilliant achievement and glad it’s being so positively received by those with influence. Hope the take up by widespread practitioners is good. As a consequence of membership download it will surely swell AECB membership numbers quite a bit. Anyway much gratitude and congratulations to everyone involved.”

“This is an excellent publication with very useful and detailed explanations of the details shown – a rare document. Who were the authors, they deserve many congratulations.”

“I feel design details of this nature can only be of benefit to the wider house building industry to enable it to construct genuinely energy efficient buildings. Well done and many thanks to all concerned in their development.”

“Well the authors should be wined and dined to their hearts content. Can’t praise it highly enough!”

“I will soon be commencing details for a new detached house on a site we own that I have already gained a planning consent for, I have my own architectural practice and am very keen to adopt your Passive Haus Gold Standard. The site and design ticks all the right boxes to accomodate these standards easily and I consider that not only will this approach have a positive effect on resale values in the current climate but also that my practice will benefit from the kudos and experience of delivering such a building.”

“The opportunity to read the design specification before I start my design will be very useful and the main reason I joined the AECB.”

Find out more about the Passivhaus/Gold Standard here.