The HOT HOUSE: new education resource based on the physics of insulation

A bespoke science based resource helping children learn to work scientifically – ‘Enquire, Analyze, Communicate and Solve’ – has been developed using Inno-therm®/Metisse®, the low carbon recycled cotton/denim insulation.

The Europe 2020 Strategy makes it clear that to overcome the current economic crisis we need to create a greener, sustainable economy. Science is the basis for a better future and the bedrock of a knowledge-based society and a healthy economy. We can find the right answers to the challenges we face by involving as broad a pool of talent as possible in the research and innovation process. The next generation of innovators and implementers is now at school.

The Schools & Homes Education Project/Solar-Active charity, via their social enterprise trading arm Recovery Insulation, are working with Sheffield Hallam University to create a bespoke science based resource – the HOT HOUSE. This classroom activity based around physics and thermal transfers at KS3 and KS4 uses Inno-therm®/Metisse®, a low carbon recycled cotton/denim thermal and acoustic insulation, and other ‘eco’ insulation products to help children gain valuable research and analysis skills and learn about sustainable building materials for healthy buildings.


Initial trials have been successfully conducted by teachers in Sheffield, and with training teachers. As one of the teachers involved said,

“Using the houses gave children the opportunity to see how insulation might work in a real-life situation.“

The HOT HOUSE educational approach facilitates the learning of problem solving skills and the value of failure through trials and setbacks to highlight success achieved in the learning process, developing essential skills for employment. The HOT HOUSE is science specific, but with a sustainability context. It’s based on the idea that science is all around, and scientific innovations and principles can be found in everyday materials such as building insulation.

The components of the HOT HOUSE can be found via links at and and include:

  • Worksheets and support materials
  • A3 house template
  • Green top-up offer to give the activity real-life context
  • Design & construction guide and a Video showing the template being built.

Inno-Therm manufacturing processInno-therm®/Metisse® recycled cotton/denim insulation and other ‘eco’ insulation are included, with samples to be supplied by the manufacturers*. Beakers and thermometer (options: normal, Pasco wireless digital, digital) and an infrared thermometer are not included.

Inno-Therm® insulation is made from natural fibres from the recycling of cotton and denim materials. It contains no harmful or toxic chemicals so it can be used safely in an educational environment.

The target audience will be reached through University and College courses in construction, architecture, teacher training and schools, including A-level, primary and GCSE with a focus on KS3/KS4 and science advisors.

The official launch of the HOT HOUSE will take place at the ASE Northern Conference at Sheffield Hallam University on 17 September 2018 – look out for JEANS FOR EDUCATION.

*There will be a cost to cover postage and packaging for insulation samples.

This article is sponsored by Inno-Therm