Two Factor Authentication – compulsory from 05/12/23

As you are no doubt aware it is becoming common practise for many websites which handle personal information on members to introduce a layer of security called two factor authentication (2fa).  The AECB is no exception and we aim to keep your details private and protected.  We will be asking all members to enable 2fa from 27/11/23.  After that date your account may get “locked” and you will need to ask us to re-set it for you.

You will find it a quick and easy process that you are guided through by an onscreen wizard.  We advise you to set it up ahead of the deadline by following the steps below to enable it on your account.

Here is a guide to setting it up.  Please click on the image to enlarge and clarify.

Start in Your Account and click the button for 2fa :

Start the configuration :

Note the email you will be using and proceed :

Go to that email account and copy the code and paste it into the wizard to validate it :


Nearly there, you may wish to have a set up backup codes :

All done :