We are recruiting! COO for the AECB with option to work as PHT Deputy CEO/ External Affairs Director

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB)
The AECB requires a proactive, strategic, and hands-on Chief Operating Officer (COO) to support its development and growth.

Further option for the right candidate to extend to full time, working with the AECB’s sister organisation, The Passivhaus Trust (PHT) as

PHT Deputy CEO/ External Affairs Director 

The AECB is the UK’s most long established and respected independent network for sustainable building professionals. Membership of the AECB includes local authoritieshousing associationsbuildersarchitectsdesigners, consultants and manufacturers. The association was founded in 1989 to increase awareness within the construction industry of the need to respect, protect, preserve, and enhance the environment and to develop, share and promote best practice in environmentally sustainable building.

The Role(s)
Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the AECB
The COO is a new role for the AECB and will be a key member of the senior management team, reporting to, and working alongside the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to ensure that AECB goals are delivered in line with its vision and mission and that the AECB maintains and appropriately develops its activities –  managing its operations in a sustainable and professional basis. The COO will also support the organisation in consolidating its position as a leading membership organisation and innovator in the sector, and to develop its national and international reach. Part of the COO brief will be exploring the potential for strengthening AECB/PHT cross organisation operations and development.

This role is that of a part time COO working 2.5 days a week. It is currently envisaged as part time, though it may be that the current surge in interest in sustainable construction and zero carbon deployment may in the future create the opportunity to develop into full time if the AECB develops more rapidly than currently assumed. Similarly, it may be that the role develops in time more towards the Passivhaus Trust.

The AECB COO will be a professional business manager who knows the construction sector, has a track record of working in a construction related role, with particular experience of engaging with/working in a climate change/broader ecological context, and with good managerial experience and people skills will quickly win the respect of the Staff, Trustees, Membership, and the wider sector.

The responsibilities of the COO include collaboration and business planning, organisational management, staff management, overseeing strategy implementation, and legal requirements.See Appendix 1 below for further details.

Further immediate options to extend this role:
The Passivhaus Trust (PHT). The AECB set up a subsidiary, ‘sister’ company – the Passivhaus Trust (PHT) – established in 2010 to work at arm’s length, closer to the mainstream industry. The PHT is an independent non-profit organisation that provides leadership in the UK for the adoption of the Passivhaus standard and methodology. Its aim is to promote Passivhaus as a highly effective way of providing high standards of occupant comfort and health without compromising on slashing energy use and carbon emissions from buildings in the UK.

The Passivhaus Trust is the official UK affiliate of the International Passive House Association (iPHA). Responding to the climate emergency and massively increasing interest in viable solutions, the PHT is growing and needs to build staff capacity at both operational management and external affairs level. There is potential for better organisational coordination and collaboration between the AECB and PHT, which we would like to explore.


The salary offered will reflect the abilities of the candidate and the final options taken up. As a guide we anticipate appropriate FTE salaries of:
Option 1:
AECB p/t COO only: £45,000 – £55,000
Option 2:
AECB p/t COO & p/t PHT Deputy CEO/External Affairs Director :
£55,000 – £ 65,000*

* More may be available for an exceptional candidate
It is anticipated that for Option 2 a single employment contract would be in place with work across organisations arranged via secondment.

For details of the AECB role please contact ceo@aecb.net
For details of the PHT role please click here
Interviews and discussions for candidates looking at the fulltime options will be conducted on a joint basis with the AECB & PHT

Appendix 1 AECB COO Responsibilities

  • Act as the AECB’s main adviser on all issues relating to commercial and organisational operational functions.
  • Generate and implement business planning and procedures aligned with AECB’s vision and strategy.
  • Identify, analyse and interpret data to inform business strategy, planning and organisational performance management.
  • Manage AECB Staff and oversee weekly operations including, but not limited to: finance, HR, sales and training, strategic partnerships, customer & member relationships, IT, marketing and communications.
  • Ensure clear, actionable marketing and communication strategies are developed, in place and monitored – working closely with the CEO and the Development and Communications Manager.
  • Generate reports for the CEO as required, external and internal parties including the AECB Board & Subgroups (quarterly Board meetings and quarterly Finance Subgroup meetings).
  • Work with colleagues to identify areas for membership growth and advise on the commercial aspects of AECB innovation in sustainable building practice and standards.
  • Regularly review organisational processes to ensure operational efficiency. Review, consolidate and establish policies that promote the AECB’s vision and embed in the organisation and membership a progressive and ethical culture.
  • Lead, manage, coach and empower staff to deliver high levels of performance and engagement. Agree comprehensive goals with staff, regularly monitoring, supporting and reporting on progress.
  • Liaise with the CEO and other sources to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in sustainable building construction, performance and training to ensure AECB maintains an informed competitive position.
  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders to deliver AECB projects and programmes – maintaining productive working relationships.
  • Fulfil the role of Data Protection Officer for the AECB (currently held by the Operations Administration Support Officer).