Webinars for 2020

Topics for 2020 being developed into webinars include:

-Low carbon structural engineering
-Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) DATE CONFIRMED
-Modelling the operational and embodied carbon emissions of the English building stock
-Training & feedback, Design PH: New features in DesignPH 2.0
-Training & feedback, PHribbon: buildings’ embodied carbon – real life examples
-Using less stuff, reducing its impact – and decarbonising what’s left
-Low energy community developers – examples
-‘ESCO in a box’ – a new approach to delivering SME-friendly energy efficiency services
-Damp management of solid walled buildings – does industry best practice conflict with heritage thinking?
-Real world feedback: low vapour resistance, non-capillary active spray foam IWI – does it work?
-HEALTHIER HOMES: Insights from prototyping affordable housing in Tanzania with Hannah Wood and Otis Sloan Brittain DATE CONFIRMED
-Why being wrong can be useful. Lessons learnt, informing better low energy building