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Milestone Design Ltd, West Yorkshire

Julian Richards says: “Milestone Design Ltd is a family business set up in 1991 to supply and fit replacement unit doors for refurbishing of kitchens, something we have never lost touch with and still carry out today.  These days, we are involved in complete kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms, kitchen refurbishment, hardwood flooring, lighting, tiling and much more. Most of our development work these days is in forwarding the concept of eco friendly kitchens, something we started back in 2005 and now takes up most of our focus. We are continually looking to source new recycled products and see how they can be incorporated into our ranges of furniture.  We look forward to being an integral part of the AECB  and bringing our products to a wider market through being part of group of like minded people. We have a lot to offer and hope to be able to introduce our Eco stable to other members to complete more Eco projects.”  Find out more here.

The Active Classroom building

Joanna Clarke, Swansea University

 Joanna says: “I am a qualified Architect currently working at SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, which is an academic and industrial collaboration led by Swansea University.  The main goal of the centre is to turn buildings into power stations by using facades and roofs to generate solar energy, store that energy locally and use within the building.  I lead the building demonstration programme at SPECIFIC, which involves working with the construction industry to deliver energy positive buildings.  Our first building demonstrator was constructed last year on Swansea University’s Science and Innovation campus and is known as the ‘Active Classroom’.

I first became involved with the AECB when I helped to arrange their EcoConnect Roadshow, which was held at Swansea University in June this year.  I joined to increase my knowledge of low energy buildings.

John Biggs, Hampshire

John says: “I am a self-builder who wants to build a house that, at least, meets the Passivhaus standard. My background is one in software and engineering and I own a brownfield site in rural North Devon, that now has detailed planning permission. I joined the AECB because I wished to join a group with similar interests and objectives as my own. Also, I have purchased a license for the PHPP, through the AECB, so I can model and test the options available for my house. I can not recall when first heard about the AECB, though I was a subscriber to Green Building magazine in the past and have been a subscriber to Passive House Plus magazine more recently. Though it probably dates me, I have been interested in passive solar since the 70’s, when a Granada television series, A House for the Future, was broadcast.”

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Helen Evans, London

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