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Paul Forrester, Staffordshire

Paul says: “Joining the AECB is a way to support my ambition of doing my own low energy retrofit project one day, giving me the chance to meet and interact with like-minded people and experts, especially through taking part in the CarbonLite retrofit training programme. The AECB is always discussed by people and companies in the industry whose work and opinions I enjoy following – Green Building Store, the House Planning Help podcast, and a selection of Twitter accounts I follow, among others – and I’m excited to become a member of that community.  Learning from other people researching and practising sustainable construction techniques will develop my knowledge, which I aim to share in my work providing technical authoring, content writing, training and support services.”

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Becky says: “The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) helps individuals, organisations, and whole sectors to develop strategies that reconcile profitability and sustainability and to work collaboratively with their peers, not only to develop solutions to shared challenges but to also catalyse real system change.  Across complex and connected issues, we challenge, inform, and support individuals and organisations to deliver change towards sustainability.  CISL has a particular interest in the built environment which is expressed through our research and action on cities and through our part-time education programme, the Master’s in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE)  The IDBE attracts mid-career professionals from all built-environment disciplines from the UK and around the globe who are interested in deepening their understanding and skills in interdisciplinary design to deliver more sustainable and resilient places and spaces for the future.  We are pleased to become a member of the AECB and extend that membership to our students.  We envision that our students will find the technical expertise useful for their own projects and thinking, and that the network of likeminded professionals will provide a rich platform for them to engage with their individual research projects.  We would also welcome members of the AECB to visit our site and consider how part-time education may help them to achieve their personal career objectives.  We have an annual scholarship competition for a 50% place on the course, and a number of bursaries are also available.”

Futureproof Building, Devon

Jo says: “Based in Devon and formed from a background in carpentry training and the AEES MSc from CAT, we bring a mindset rooted in energy-efficiency and sustainability to our building work.  We specialise in bespoke, low-energy timber-framed structures, extensions and conversions.  I look forward to extending our links through the AECB and deepening and improving our knowledge of the latest advances in low-energy buildings.

Hesketh Hayden, Greater Manchester

Russel says: “HeskethHayden is a newly formed practice that designs buildings and spaces that offer delight and enhance well-being. They can provide the full range of architectural services from feasibility studies through to project delivery. Each project is approached with an open mind and enthusiasm. They believe that well-being and happiness are directly affected and shaped by our surroundings, and work hard to create considered and beautiful spaces through careful choice of products, materials and lighting. Russel Hayden is an award winning architect and certified Passivhaus designer.  He became a convert to Passivhaus after designing, managing and renovating his own house in Manchester.  HeskethHayden are delighted to join AECB as a platform for sharing their experience and knowledge.”

Kingswood Interiors, Staffordshire

James Building Design, Pembrokeshire

Hubbard Architecture, Cumbria

Hesketh Hayden, Greater Manchester

D4 builders, Cumbria

Lilyrose Architecture, Cornwall

LHBS, Kent

Ecomotive, Bristol

Harris McMillan Architects, Devon

The East Africa Sisal Company Ltd, Bath and NE Somerset

Elterbeck, Cumbria

Perfect Homes Ltd, Kent

Huw Griffiths Architects , Swansea

Logix Build Solutions ltd, Dorset

Woodgates Bristol, Bristol

Dan Bianco, Bath and NE Somerset

Ruth Sutton, Cheshire

Louis Morrish, Norfolk

Kathryn Ball, Derbyshire

Patricia Sheehan, Shropshire                   

Janna Laan, London

Chris Little, Hampshire

Phil Gobbett, Lincolnshire

Nigel Kenyon,  Hampshire

Justine Cooper, Merseyside

John Craig,  West Lothian

Alasdair Fraser, Kent

Kieran Rees,  Carmarthenshire

stephen Freeman,  Derbyshire