Andy Simmonds Tutor

Andy Simmonds

Andy Simmonds is the CEO of the AECB and brings together his experience as a low energy building designer with research into moisture and energy issues. Andy’s own house was the first certified (and monitored) domestic EnerPHit retrofit in the UK.

Bill Butcher

Bill Butcher

Bill Butcher is an experienced Passivhaus builder, with years of low energy building retrofit experience. Bill is a trainer on the Construction Module of the Carbonlite Certified Passivhaus Designer course and a Certified Passivhaus Consultant and Tradesperson.

Tim Martel

Tim Martel is a freelance Chartered Architectural Technologist and Passivhaus Designer with a background in calculations through commercial R&D.  He uses BIM with Simmonds.Mills Architects and others in new build and retrofit projects and is at the forefront of the AECB’s retrofit research in moisture monitoring and hygrothermal behaviour and economics. Tim reads widely to expand knowledge of these areas.  He uses computer programming in AECB spreadsheets to overcome the calculational challenges in moisture monitoring and economics for the Carbonlite Retrofit Foundation course.

Eric Parks

Eric Parks

Eric Parks is an experienced Passivhaus architect and building physics trainer on the Coaction Certified Passivhaus Designer course, he has co-written a number of the sections of this material.

Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke is one of the UK’s most knowledgeable energy consultants and building services engineers, specialising in Passivhaus design, building on long experience of low energy and ecological construction.  His Passivhaus projects include individual and group housing, schools, community centres and offices.  In addition to design work he is involved in detailed monitoring of several of these projects which are now completed and occupied, learning invaluable lessons about the real life performance of low energy buildings.

Dr Tina Holt tutor

Dr. Tina Holt

Dr. Tina Holt trained as an earth scientist with particular focus on the causes and impacts of climate change. She has worked in education, IT and editing technical information for a broader audience. In 2011-12 she retrofitted her own home close to the EnerPHit standard and consults on domestic energy efficiency.