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Full time student / Retired / Low income £39.00 per Year. Select
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Sole trader £84.00 per Year. Select
Small company (< £250k turnover) £168.00 per Year. Select
Medium company (£250k - £1m turnover) £312.00 per Year. Select
Larger company (£1m - £10m turnover) £498.00 per Year. Select
Largest companies (>£10m turnover) £948.00 per Year. Select
Educational institutions £480.00 per Year. Select
Local authority / Housing Association £480.00 per Year. Select
Supplementary (ONLY for Employees of Members) £60.00 per Year. Select

Supplementary Member

The level "Supplementary Member" is reserved only for those who are employees of an existing company member. If you are an employee you will have been given a code - please use this as a 100% discount code against the supplementary membership when signing up. Please make sure you are SIGNED OUT when doing this otherwise you will effectively change your own membership.