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We publish our own occasional magazine "Setting the Standard" featuring articles and case studies from the AECB world and beyond.

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Our podcast

We are proud to present the AECB Setting the Standard podcast to inform existing members of news and events as well as reach out to new members on the benefits of joining the association.  At our core, we are an organisation that wants to connect those of a like mind who are working within the built environment to practices and processes that will contribute to more sustainable building.

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Our free training course

The AECB has worked in conjunction with BE-ST (Built Environment - Smarter Transformation) to develop a free introductory online retrofit course.

This course is ready to access on the BE-ST learning Hub.  To access the course please search the catalogue for the course title which is "Developing a Net-Zero Built Environment".  (You will also need to create a free account on the site to take the course.)

The course is a self-directed one with tests at the end of each chapter.  The material is a combination of slides and video exclusively developed by the AECB.

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Our reports

energy security

LESS IS MORE : Energy security after oil is a report authored by David Olivier and Andy Simmonds, it was published at the end of an unprecedented time in UK energy policy history.  It began with the formal acceptance of the need for a climate change policy by the Conservative Government in 1997 and culminated with the Climate Change Act and the 4th Carbon Budget.  Less Is More is a significant analysis contributing to the debate.


Post-Fossil Fuel Building Construction and Materials is an AECB report authored by David Olivier and successfully follows his first AECB report on Energy security - "Less is More".

Eight years after the first report, David Olivier looks at the UK policy of reaching ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 2050. This document briefly outlines moving towards a future in which buildings would be constructed, and materials manufactured, with ‘net zero’ GHG emissions.

Our webinars

The AECB offers a series of free to view webinars on a range of sustainable building topics.  After the live broadcast the recordings are hosted on our website for members to view at their leisure.  Click the image above to view a free access webinar on the AECB and its Building Standard


On 24th May 2022 Dr Sarah Price and Tim Wilcockson of QODA consulting presented an AECB webinar on an overview of the Part L updates and a quick look at the Future homes standard in 2025.

They looked at how these Building Regulation standards compare with the AECB Building Standard.  It proved to be one of our most popular webinars and the webinar slides are free to view.  Just click here to visit the shop for a free download.

Our Youtube channel

The AECB channel hosts a number of free to view webinars and sponsor videos on a range of sustainable building topics.  Click here to access the channel and subscribe.