Easy to use software to help with PHPP calculations

Users of the PHPP energy software will know it is a leader in accurate calculations for Passivhauses and low energy buildings including retrofits. AECB PHribbon makes using PHPP quicker, easier and it uses the existing information beyond just energy. It’s written by Tim Martel, an AECB expert who is also a course tutor for the Carbonlite Retrofit course.


AECB PHribbon makes the same changes to your PHPP that you could have made by hand. It works from an extra ribbon tab in Excel, just like ‘Insert’ or ‘Page Layout’ and uses macros (macros are already part of some PHPP v9 products). It includes a manual, support and training through videos.

Data Entry

Helps with the trickier parts of data entry for any PHPP, e.g. windows and lambda values

Embodied Co2

Is increasingly important, PHribbon makes this relatively quick to calculate using the material quantities in PHPP.

Daylight Factor

Since windows are modelled in PHPP, over half the information is already there for daylight factor, which ensures windows are large enough without over-provision


For retrofits, early indication of the cost of the design is critical in ensuring the project is affordable, this can be done in the retrofit costing module.

AECB-PHRibbon uses Microsoft Excel as a base

What Does It Do

Watch this introduction to the AECB-PHRibbon software to see how it can assist with your calculations.

PHribbon Version 3 Now Available

NEW features

  • window tool has separate simple tool for just calculating the d-reveal
  • window tool built to allow you to allow multiple quantities of some panes within the same window (and still give the correct d-reveal)
  • Embodied and Operational CO2 now combined into a single graph over 60 year life (with option to look at longer lifespans)
  • RIBA 2030 Embodied CO2 report added
  • PAS 2035 Improvement Option Evaluation to be released Oct 2020, AECB webinar 3rd Nov.

PHribbon website

Visit the PHribbon website to find out more and to buy

Tim Martel

Certified Passivhaus Designer ○ Chartered Architectural Technologist ○ Retrofit Coordinator through Retrofit Academy 2017
 01453 759466 ◦ tim@phribbon.co.uk ◦ 07531 288147




Tim is An AECB Expert Advisor
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