Many AECB members are either manufacturers or merchants that you can buy sustainable building materials from

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Green Building Store

Green Building Store has been supplying pioneering sustainable building products since 1995. They supply a range of specialist products and services for Passivhaus and low energy projects, including triple glazed timber windows and doors, MVHR heat recovery ventilation, insulation, airtightness and water saving products. They run CPD's around the products they stock.

Intelligent Membranes

Intelligent Membranes and its director Adam White has dominated the building envelope world for Passivhaus over the past few years with their liquid applied internal and external membranes which include the world-famous Passive Purple. With their very own Passivhaus Bar and training room in Cambridge, they have brought Passivhaus to the masses.


Ecomerchant have been around since 1998. Dedicated to making ethically sourced, sustainable building materials accessible to all at affordable prices. They consider the environmental merits of every product before including them in their ranges, opting not to sell products which cause excessive environmental impact.