LESS IS MORE : Energy security after oil. Special AECB report.

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A thought provoking read giving insight and analysis into how we manage our energy security policy by David Olivier and Andy Simmonds

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LESS IS MORE : Energy security after oil is a report authored by David Olivier and Andy Simmonds, was published at the end of an unprecedented time in UK energy policy history.  It began with the formal acceptance of the need for a climate change policy by the Conservative Government in 1997 and culminated with the Climate Change Act and the 4th Carbon Budget.  Less Is More is a significant analysis contributing to the debate.


It offers an alternative to the emerging orthodoxy of large-scale electrification of heat and road transport as a way to achieve or beat the UK’s 2050 CO2 emissions target. This is based on more vigorous and systematic pursuit of energy efficiency throughout the economy; on technologies such as large-scale solar heat, piped to urban buildings; a road and air transport system synthesising liquid fuels in part from renewable electricity, supplementing the biofuel resource; a small electricity supply system, supplied largely by dispatchable sources, assisting with network security; and the more vigorous pursuit of carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration options, particularly in the biosphere.


This 2012 report will be of interest to students from a wide range of disciplines as well as providing thought-provoking reading to everyone concerned about climate change and the challenges facing us in the future.  Still relevant today, Less is More was ahead of its time and focusses on energy supply and storage, energy efficiency and building design, and is full of detailed analysis and examples showing how best practise must inform energy policy now and in the future.


LESS IS MORE is an original thought piece from the AECB and expertly explains the key elements that are at the heart of our low energy sustainable building philosophy.