easyPH – the new simplified tool in PHPP10

The Passive House Institute have released a beta version of a new product called easyPH as part of the PHPP10.6 software.

easyPH is a new tool based on PHPP (10.6). It was created to simplify the certification of single-family homes through:

  • Reduced and simplified inputs for the energy balance calculation
  • Guidelines and resources for the necessary inputs

easyPH only has 8 worksheets:

The main input worksheet is the ‘easyPH’, which works with a set of standardised assumptions to reduce the number of inputs required for the overall building energy calculation.  easyPH fully follows the PHPP methodology.  EasyPH works with designPH.  All the necessary inputs for the yellow cells (Components + Geometry) can be imported from designPH.

easyPH can be used for certification with the latest version of the Criteria for Buildings:

Note, easyPH is only suitable for:

  • new builds
  • 1 to 2 dwellings
  • 1 ventilation unit

Buildings that do not meet these requirements need to be certified using the full Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).

Tim Martel from the AECB has been using the new feature and says :

Everything is ultimately referenced on the easyPH tab, whether there is data to enter for it there or not. The notes are comprehensive and alternative options are clear. I also like the little “play” buttons which take you to whatever is mentioned and also extra notes where needed.

There are checklists which act a bit like an evidence register and it’s so much easier to keep track of things you have done. You can therefore pick up a PHPP at any stage and it is clear what remains to be done.

The nice thing about the easyPH tab is there is much less scrolling around to go to other sheets – because it’s all there, just scroll up and down.

Click here to purchase PHPP10.6 (including easyPH) in the AECB shop.