AECB PHribbon – Daylight Factor module

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PHribbon © 2020 Tim Martel

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Easy to use software to help with PHPP calculations.  The UK version of PHribbon is developed exclusively for the AECB.

AECB PHribbon makes using PHPP quicker, easier and it uses the existing information beyond just energy. It’s written by Tim Martel, Certified Passivhaus Designer, Chartered Architectural Technologist, course tutor for the AECB CarbonLite™ Retrofit Foundation course, AECB software R&D lead and developer.

This is the Daylight Factor add-on to PHribbon.  You must own a copy of PHribbon before purchasing this product.

This module exports window information to a daylight factor spreadsheet by Mark Siddall of LEAP. It helps you plan window sizes which give enough daylight without over-provision. Good windows have 5x the heat loss of a good wall so it is important not to over size them.

For more information on the AECB Daylight Guidance click here

Click here to visit the PHribbon content page for a full description of the software.

The technical specifications

PHribbon uses Microsoft Excel as a base.  No special PHPP is needed. PHribbon is compatible with PHPP v10.

Minimum Requirements :

  • a Windows (PC) computer. If you have a Mac you will need to run a PC emulator (it works with Parallels, VMware fusion 11 with the PC version of Excel installed)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later, the full installed version not the website version (an option in Office 365)
  • Access to Dropbox for installation and also for updates. This can be from the Dropbox website, though installing the software (free) is quicker and easier
  • A recent version of PHPP: 10, 9.6, 9.3, 9.1, 8.5 or in the US the imperial version 9.7IP. Using the latest version is recommended so that you have an accurate PHPP.


Buying the add-on

Please add your PHribbon license number to the Order Notes section of the checkout and this will help us to identify and link your record to the add-on :

The add-on will be shared to you via Dropbox.


By using this software you agree to these terms :

  • Users may not redistribute the PHribbon spreadsheet, or repackage it free of charge or otherwise.
  • The software has been rigorously tested and great care has been taken to ensure there are no errors, however not every situation in which PHPP can be used can be foreseen, therefore checks for costs are still recommended. Any mistakes found will be corrected free of charge and all users updated. The user is responsible for checking the figures, especially in circumstances where they are critical. In extreme circumstances the maximum compensation will be a refund of the price paid for the software. By using this software you agree that no legal claim can be made against the AECB nor Tim Martel.
  • Costs provided are indicative only and are the best information available to the author. By their very nature they are variable according to location, supplier and quantity. They serve only as a starting point and can be updated at any time either for one project (i.e. changing the figure in the costs tab in the PHPP) or by changing the master table for all future projects in the PHribbon spreadsheet.