David Garlovsky/Recovery Insulation Ltd

Case studies will be presented demonstrating lower carbon emissions can be achieved to manufacture an insulation using circular economy principles compared to conventional linear production systems. Emerging supply chain management challenges and market dynamics will be discussed together with results of LCA assessments to propose changes to manufacturing process and supply chain on overall carbon footprint.

Coverage includes the evaluation criteria presented for discussion to factor in as a monitory value for what is normally considered a non-monitory value of LC insulation. A proposal to establish a simple energy rating index similar to the European Eco label that provides an A-G energy efficiency rating for all electrical items is discussed.

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David Garlovsky is CEO of Recovery Insulation - a social enterprise/company and trading arm of the Schools & Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active charity, established in 2002 to manufacture a non-itch low carbon thermal and acoustic insulation from recycled cotton/denim. As a social enterprise, we stand apart from other insulation companies in donating a proportion of sales income to Solar-Active to conduct renewable energy and energy efficiency activities in educational establishments and general public.

David has pioneered an education methodology that fosters enjoyment in teaching/learning; effective in encouraging invention, problem solving through gaining employable skills in scientific, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts.



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