Helen Brown

This extended workshop session will bring together insight and advice based on case study installations from several ventilation practitioners.

A series of short talks and panel discussion will include:

  • Overview of different types of ventilation system
  • Industry experience: Pros and cons of MVHR & alternatives; Issues around delivery and installation
  • Where the industry is going: demand controlled and decentralised MVHR
  • MVHR maintenance & commissioning challenges and best practice
  • Why MVHR is not just for Passivhaus

Come prepared to join in and learn lots!

Speaker biography

Helen BrownHelen Brown is Head of Building Physics at Encraft and a Certified Passivhaus Consultant. Her team provides Passivhaus consultancy, thermal modelling, building services design and air tightness testing services.

The current focus of her work is a project which is seeking to understand the performance gap found in new build housing, with a view to developing a new insurance product that would guarantee a home’s energy performance.

Mich 2012 2Michael Swainson PhD. is principal engineer in BRE’s HVAC Engineering and Building Diagnostics team. He has over 20 years experience designing and undertaking practical investigations into the performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems within buildings, both laboratory based and on site. Michael is largely responsible for implementation of SAP Appendix Q for ventilation products and heat pumps. He was technical author of the; Installation Guidelines for systems 3 and 4 for the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide, supporting documentation to AD-F, NF46, Overheating in new homes, and ZCH Solutions to overheating in homes, Evidence review. his is currently testing MVHRs for PHI listing.



MVHRs - The Solution or Another Thing to Go WrongDownload

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