Following on from the AECB's recent key role in strategically and technically supporting the TSBs Retrofit for the Future competition (and the building of the TSB/AECB Low Energy Buildings Database – see www.retrofitforthefuture.org) the AECB has recently visited officials at DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change). AECB CEO Andy Simmonds gave a presentation illustrating the potential cost effectiveness (and affordability to UK 'plc') of extensive energy efficiency measures applied on a national scale.

The presentation covered aspects of building and services energy efficiency, and importantly the implications of the 'design reality gap' in design and construction – issues that the AECB has been exploring for many years. The arguments in the forthcoming AECB paper 'Less is More – energy after oil' were summarised to DECC in order to further inform the debate around the optimum balance between demand reduction and future energy supply, in a sustainable and affordable national context.

AECB is also a member of the low carbon refurbishment coalition, the Existing Homes Alliance (www.existinghomesalliance.org): Mark Elton of ECD Architects is the AECB's representative.

The AECB is concerned to see that the Green Deal genuinely delivers improved comfort and reduced GHG emissions - as well as being affordable and socially equitable. AECB has asked AECB member and refurbishment pioneer, Russell Smith of Parity Projects, to give us his view of how the Green Deal is shaping up, informed by his recent active engagement with DECC.

Andy Simmonds, AECB Web Editor Kate de Selincourt and AECB member Peter Warm put a series of questions to Russell, which he has answered for us on the following pages.

For links to other Green Deal information and for AECB members to add questions or comments, please visit the AECB forum ('Green Deal' thread on the refurbishment board, in the Technical Forums area).



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