The AECB Oxford Group visit the Kellogg Passivhaus

AECB members find out more about this non-residential Passivhaus

The Oxford Group were shown around the new Kellogg College Hub Passivhaus by Chris Swinburn, principal engineer at CBG Consultants. A group of nine AECB members discussed the various issues confronting Chris, his colleagues and the architects, as this project was not originally designed to Passivhaus standard. Chris explained that various options had been considered in overcoming thermal bridging, solar gain and thermal mass issues. It was refreshing to hear that both the architects and the client had been happy to adopt CBG’s suggestions – even turning the whole building through 90° to maximise the benefits of a south facing aspect.

Chris invited the group to a follow-up visit in 2017 to see how the project is progressing.

Paul thanked Chris for setting up this fantastic visit and is busy chatting to Chris about a future date. Watch this space!img_3583 img_3579