Business Description

We specialise in designing buildings that have a low impact on the environment using both modern and traditional methods. We avoid using petrochemical based products as they can degrade internal air quality and are non-recyclable. We are qualified and accredited RIBA Conservation Architects working on heritage projects and traditional buildings that form 50% of the practice workload.

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The design process is collaborative and exciting, artistic, pulling together a mixture of aesthetic and technical skills creating functional and imaginative solutions. Behind every good design is a rigorous stress testing of the brief.

1. We examine precedents to explore the feasibility of your ideas.
2. A feasibility study will often be prepared to explore options for the site or building.
3. Sketches and illustrations are prepared to explain the design concept – the expression of a core idea around which all the parts of the project can develop into a finalised design.
4. The design team can comprise a sole designer working with the client or a mixture of consultants such as engineers or specialists.

Technical Design

We detail and design buildings that work based on practical hands on experience of building our own projects. Our technical design work is detailed and comprehensive – building contractors really like working with our drawings – and this ensures an accurate tender!

1. On receipt of planning permission, we review and agree with you how the project will be built and detailed.
2. We consult with you on your vision for the finish and fitting and prepare technical specifications.
3. We produce all the information required to build the project with the help of specialists such as structural engineers, lighting and heating specialists.
4. We assist with preparing contracts for the building contractor.
5. We prepare tender documents to obtain prices from contractors.
6. We liaise with Building Control to obtain consents for your site work 7. We explain health and safety regulations and perform our duties under those regulations

1 Howden Lane, Crockey Hill

North Yorkshire
YO19 4SW
United Kingdom

The most significant part of this restoration project was re-roofing. An exhaustive structural survey was conducted and every roof member was catalogued by age, condition and structural integrity and were retained in-situ. The medieval wall plates were retained and repaired in-situ and new oak trusses and purlins were installed as the primary roof structure.

In addition, the 18th Century windows were repaired and replaced, the frontage was rendered with Lime render supplied by EcoLime and the timber fascias and signage were replaced. Internally, new oak joinery was installed throughout, the walls were re-plastered with an insulating lime plaster and the upper timber floor was sympathetically restored and/or repaired.

Sally Walker
Chris Walker