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Whitehead and Parkin Architects is an RIBA Chartered Practice with experience of many different types of buildings including creative workspaces, homes and housing, commercial new build and interiors, offices, healthcare and schools.

Green design and low energy use is at the heart of our approach to sustainable place making. We have extensive experience of reducing energy use in existing buildings as well as making them more comfortable and improving users well-being without sacrificing good design, underpinned by graduating from the AECB CarbonLite Retrofit training programme.

Integrating buildings with gardens, landscape design and townscapes underpins our projects and as qualified garden designers we offer in-house fully integrated or stand-alone garden and external space design.  

The Workstation

South Yorkshire
S1 2BX
United Kingdom
House on the Edge of the Peak District

A simple three bedroom home located on a village edge designed to AECB low energy Building Standard. Alongside a main road, it has beautiful views facing south across open fields towards the Peak District, so the house presents a closed aspect to the roadside but opens out on the garden side with a range of sliding glass doors. The ground floor is an open plan space with sunny and light kitchen, dining and living areas all enjoying the open views. The simple rectangular form in buff brick and dark stained timber echoes nearby agricultural buildings, whilst the garage has a planted green roof making it unobtrusive. A paved terrace with edge planters and pergola provide a private and sunny level area around the house with steps down to the rough pasture beyond. The asymmetric roof pitch provides an optimum angle for solar panels on the garden side.

Supergreen Workspace

The Supergreen Workplace is a prototype working environment designed with an optimised passive natural ventilation strategy combined with extensive external and internal planting used to naturally control air quality and enhance users wellbeing by increased connection with nature.  

As well as reducing urban heat island effect, providing reduced rainwater discharge and increasing biodiversity, green facades can significantly improve air quality which is very important for a successful natural ventilation strategy.  Planting can result in significant local reductions in the concentration of airborne particulate matter both when the plants are internal and when external on green facades.

The vegetation is specified to relate to the orientation of each elevation and extensive internal planting is also used to provide internal humidification and improve general wellbeing.

Growing Home- The Sunday Times/British Homes Awards Finalist

The Sunday Times/British Homes Awards 2015 international competition for a developer home in a New Garden City – shortlisted finalist

Growing Home explores the conflict between accommodating cars in the design of new housing and the many benefits integrated landscaping offers both locally and globally. Garden spaces are created around the house intimately connected back to the interior, placing the householder in the natural world, while the planted front gardens encourage interaction with the wider Garden City community.