Passive House Accelerator launches Building Performance Interactive Series  in collaboration with Partel FREE 60-minute Zoom launch Episode 1: ‘Train-to-nZEB’ Thursday 28th October 2pm BST (9am ET) 

The AECB is delighted to support Partel who are one of our leading company members. The innovative Irish company celebrated its 10th anniversary this year as a leader in the production and supply of high-performance systems and products for the low-energy building sector working in Ireland, the UK, North America and mainland Europe

Founder and Technical Director, Hugh Whiriskey recognised the potential for growth in the Passive House building sector, a market with limited suppliers and an opportunity to provide specialised and innovative technical products for the low-energy sector. The company produces and supplies high-performance technological solutions creating more efficient, sustainable residential and commercial buildings. 

To support the transformation of low-carbon building to a bigger scale, and to reach the  ambitious targets of the Passive House and nZEB standards, Partel is launching the virtual Building Performance Interactive (BPI) Series ‘Design it. Shape it. Build it’ in collaboration with Passive House Accelerator. The collaboration will provide a virtual platform for audiences in Europe, Ireland, and the UK to learn about Passive House design principles, nZEB (nearly zero energy building) techniques, and high-performance building methodologies with lessons learned applicable on a global scale.

“The series is about the open sharing of knowledge and experiences in an interactive way. There’s a need for shaping the construction industry to a bigger scale, and together with the Accelerator we have the ability to empower the low-carbon building industry.’’ Hugh Whiriskey, Founder and Technical Director Partel

Eight 60-minute-long monthly Zoom episodes are scheduled to bring together  professional hands-on training experts (including AECB experts) featuring projects in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Key topics include building performance, design solutions and techniques and sustainable building materials. Episodes comprise live learning sessions with video and technical presentations, case studies, roundtables plus Q&A discussion. A Certified Passive House Designer and leading specialist in sustainable building and energy efficiency, Hugh is one of the three series co-hosts

The BPI Series Episode 1: ‘Train-to-nZEB’ FREE Zoom call Thursday 28th October 2pm BST (9am ET). 

The BPI Series starts with a visit to the Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Centre. Passive House luminary Tomas O’Leary will address how practical training programs on retrofit, airtightness and ventilation are crucial to creating a stronger workforce and construction industry in Ireland and abroad.

Andy Simmonds, CEO AECB and Partner in Simmonds Mills Architects
and Tim Hulse, MD and Passivhaus Champion and at EcoVert Solutions are taking part in Episode 3: ‘Waterproof breathable fabrics in low carbon EnerPHits at scale’ Thursday 9th December 2021.  

About Passive House Accelerator LLC
Passive House Accelerator LLC was found in 2019 by New York based architect Michael Ingui as a catalyst for zero carbon building creating a collaborative platform for sharing innovation and thought leadership in Passive House design and construction. The Accelerator runs virtual Passive House ‘socials’ including a Construction Tech programme focused on contractors and tradespeople.
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