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Partel, Galway, Ireland

Peter Marsh says: “We are a High Performance Building supplies company, established in the UK, Ireland, and recently North America. We have a background in Engineering, Architecture and Building physics. We offer a wide range of high performance exterior/interior sealing tapes and membranes, aimed specifically at the low energy building sector. Partel have found that there is a growing demand for higher quality next generation building products, and believe that the focus will continue to move towards natural and sustainable product.

We also offer customised technical sales and provide support on all of our products from specification advice. We offer WUFI analysis, training, and onsite inspections. We believe we have a lot to offer to the modern architect and builder.”  Visit this company in our Member Directory


The PassivHaus Architecture Company Ltd, Cork, Ireland

Paul McNally says; “The PassivHaus Architecture Company is a leading architectural practice in the creation of all kinds of passivhaus buildings. Our certified passivhaus Pharmacy is our proudest achievement to date, alongside the many residential PH projects we have delivered. We have great clients and some really exciting projects on the way. I attained my MSc AEES at C.A.T. in Wales some years ago, where I learned about the AECB and met lots of friends who went on to become members since. The AECB is a really good fit for my company’s ideology and I hope to use the membership to learn more and make useful contacts for the benefit for future projects.”


Sara Godinho, London

Sara says: “I’m a Sustainability Consultant at XCO2 with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry. I have an architecture background, a specialisation in environmental engineering and am currently training to be a certified Passivhaus designer. I enjoy working closely with clients, design teams and contractors to determine and achieve sustainability targets. Most of my work involves providing expert energy-efficiency strategy and environmental design guidance and assessment for new build and refurbished buildings, including residential and commercial developments (includes energy, overheating, daylight, sustainability etc). I’m currently supporting some new developments mainly in London, including an exciting Passivhaus one. I have a passion for Post-occupancy Evaluation and would love to see it a more common practice across the industry. I have also a strong interest in Learning and Education and am a lecturer at the University of Suffolk, where I lead the Design Technology module.  I can’t recall how I found the AECB but have found it a great source of experienced knowledge and a wonderful network of forward thinking professionals which I’m happy to join now and hope to meet better!” to learn more about the AECB Cabonlite retrofit standard and how this standard can be progressed on some of my projects.”

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Wain Morehead Architects Ltd, Cork Ireland
Stuart King Architecture & Design Ltd,  Fife Scotland
Hive Architects Studio Ltd., Cheshire
Burnished Earth, Cornwall
Eco Design Partnership, Buckinghamshire
Matthew Archer Architectural Technician, Angus Scotland
Heather Mc Neill, Suffolk
Andre Revil,l Surrey
Stephen Edwards, London
David Lam, London
Anna Wareham, Oxfordshire
Tom Bell, London
John Barber, Caerphilly
Thomas Webb, Cambridgeshire