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      Frances Voelcker

      Retrofit of a late 19C solid-stone-walled, slated roof, rooms-in-the-roof-with- dormers house mid-terrace in a Conservation Area.

      Due to CA status and continuous slating of roofs, we need to consider IWI and underlining the roof. Room size and head height means we cannot consider  thick insu.

      Solid plastered walls so main airtightness weakness is probably al the junctions and changes of direction. (Well, currently it is chimney flues, old panelled front door, sash windows, but we will address all those). We could tape all these changes in direction.

      We will install MVHR in the rear extension where all the wet functions are.

      Wondering about using Aerogel laminate as IWI and to underdraw the roof.  Aerogel is supposedly relatively vapour-open: does anyone have any thoughts on whether  (if we can afford it) we should use it at all? If aerogel is  too vapour-tight? If indeed we should use the version incorporating a vapour barrier?

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