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      Phil Bixby

      I've just submitted a planning application to a local authority that has a requirement for Code Level 4 for domestic new build. As a result, we've been required to submit a pro-forma confirming “likely” compliance with Code 4, signed by a Code assessor.

      The house has been designed to Passivhaus standards, using PHPP as a design tool, and I'm a Certified Passivhaus Designer.

      Now, at Wolfgang Feist's session at Ecobuild, a number of participants asked whether local authorities were willing to accept Passivhaus as an equivalent acceptable standard. In each case there seemed to be positive noises from various people on and off stage, but I didn't hear anyone say “Local Authority X has definitely done this”.

      Does anyone know of any that have? Or is this something where lobbying is in progress? Or not?

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