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      Can anyone recommend good, durable, reliable, not-TOO-pricey:

      – data loggers for internal and external use measuring temperature, possibly with capacity to measure humidity as well.
      – energy monitors or devices that allow easy measurement of either individual appliances or different circuits, as well as whole house/ office.

      Both downloadable to Excel.

      Its a while since I had to work with any of these so I'm being cheeky (again) and trawling the network's up-to-date experience! Any help gratefully received. ;D


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      In partial answer to my own question, I just found this Green Building Forum thread:


      Still keen to hear what this Forum thinks, though also now wondering whether I need to look more widely at the various tools available…

      If I find more answers for myself (!) I will post them here.

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      For this kind of question I would look to the Navitron forum for an answer.


      Cheers, Dave

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      Geoff Stow

      You may want to look at the Wattbox which may do what you want. Have a search on Google.


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      Robert Rickey

      I have had good success with I-buttons from Dallas semiconductor – temperature only. They are little stainless steel buttons with a thermometer and a programmable chip. You put them in a reader and programme the interval of recording – seconds, minutes, hours. It is a little fiddly to extract the data, but the buttons are unobtrusive and you can put them anywhere with blutack. I will attach a spreadsheet I made, with analysis of overheating using the Excel functions. Mine are still running after 6 years!

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      am borrowing some tinytag loggers from peter warm. this is what they produce, i have no idea re availablity and cost, but though the attached may be interesting t you. I have not uploaded the RH chart , but the loggers do both temp and humidity. easy to download data from them. british gas graph kind of goes with it, so also attached.

      Is data from my house refurb.

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      Nick Grant


      You probably don't want to get into DIY Arduino based loggers so for simple plug and play around I have used Lascar USB loggers. Not super high resolution but good enough for my purposes.


      I have the temp, RH & temp and type K thermocouple ones (eg for hot water tank temp).

      The very cheap one (£25) is quite limited and has short battery life.

      As temperatures change quite slowly it is sensible to use a not too frequent sample rate so you don't drown in data that can choke excell (in my experience any way).


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