Must-read international industry insight into retrofit

AECB CEO Andy Simmonds was delighted to be invited to join an international team of authors generating and submitting the paper Retrofit with Passive House components‘  to the Springer journal Energy Efficiency. Zeno Bastian, Jürgen Schneiders, William Conner, Berthold Kaufman, Laszlo Lepp, Zack Norwood and Ingo Theoboldt were the co-authors.

The authors’ premise is that energy standards for building regulation prescribed by national regulations often fall short of what is possible and necessary for curbing climate change. Using European examples including Italy, Norway, Romania and Spain, the authors show that a high potential for energy savings by 2050 is partly lost due to lack of strong building regulations.

Dr Woolfgang Feist, co-originator of the passive house concept, and founder of the Passivhaus Institut in Germany says: “This is a key publication for all retrofit people incorporating a lot of practical experience. Good to have it now in the Energy Efficiency journal as a peer-reviewed paper. Let us make it available for the public to see as well as we can!”
To read the published manuscript please click here