Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) Version 7 (2012)

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is a design tool  for use by building architects and designers. It comprises a manual and CD-Rom which incorporate the energy specifications for quality-approved Passivhaus buildings. A clear understanding of the calculations and predictions involved in low-energy building relies upon the use of accurate modelling software. Based on dynamic thermal simulations validated by data gathered from hundreds of low-energy buildings, the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is the software to use to calculate energy use and CO₂ emissions. PHPP’s level of sophistication enables it to take into account a wide range of variable characteristics which affect heat loss and subsequent energy use, allowing for a superior fit between predicted energy use and real-world performance. 



PHPP contains a series of tools for:

•             Calculating energy balances

•             Designing comfortable ventilation

•             Calculating the heat load

•             Summer comfort calculations

•             Other useful tools for reliable design of Passivhaus dwellings

The 2012 version of the software and user manual are now available directly from the AECB for £150.00 inc. VAT.

To order your copy of the Passivhaus Planning Package 2012 please visit

A reduced rate is available for upgrades of £105.00 plus VAT.  To take advantage of this reduced price, please ensure that we have evidence of a previous purchase and order through  If you are an educational establishment and want several copies please email

Please note that the PHPP 7 (2012) is subject to copyright and a resellers’ agreement. If the software is being used by more than one person then additional copies should be purchased for each person using it.

Suitable for both residential and many non-residential applications, PHPP is supported by the AECB CLP courses (run by Warm Associates) to help you get the most from this software. For further information about the course and costs visit