Business Description

Founded in 2003, TG Escapes originates from the belief that if you can create stylish buildings from sustainable materials which will enhance the well-being of the occupants and help save the planet. To date TG Escapes have built 800 buildings UK wide, and a specialism in the education sector.

We build with timber because it is the oldest sustainable building material known to mankind. With the government drive towards a net-zero economy, timber is the essential part of the construction industry’s solution. For our education customers timber classrooms have been proven to reduce stress versus traditional classrooms.

We design our buildings to be net-zero in operation as standard. We are also working with the carbon trust to certify our buildings as net-zero in their lifetime. This will be achieved through a combination of the latest technologies, highly insulated energy efficient design, best in class ventilation, offsite construction and the use of timber.

Our sectional modular approach requires less transportation energy between factory and site because we don’t need to put a box with lots of empty space onto a truck. It also provides a much more flexible system for buildings on a smaller scale which means we can create bespoke designs to suit most locations. We need less cranes onsite and can keep the construction more self-contained. This is of particular importance on education sites so schools can maintain educational continuity.

We use sustainably sourced materials with a full chain of custody. Timber components are hand-made in our UK factory where our craftsman work to create our bespoke timber frame structures with minimal wastage. Being based in the UK we have full control of the operation and can keep transportation energy down. We are certificated through CATG to design, manufacture and supply our own Posi Joists in collaboration with Wolf Systems which gives us control of this key component in our system and supports the growth of our business.

Our designs include large floor to ceiling doors and windows and can feature sun pipes and living roofs. Covered decking allows easy access to the outdoors which helps with free-flow to the outdoors. Views of nature, access to the outdoors, natural light and materials have been proven to enhance educational outcomes and the well-being of occupants.

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Unit A, Dutton Road,

Aldermans Green Industrial Estate
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