The AECB London group is looking for roots. It is currently based around an irregular meet up of like minded people, generally but not exclusively at the pub. This is an opportunity to shamelessly talk shop, find collaborators and share sustainable building experiences, but we’d like to make it more. Join the group and help us shape a sustainable future!

Meet the group leader

Will South is a director and engineer at Etude, a small sustainability consultancy based in Islington. Etude work on simplifying environmental design, improving building fabric efficiency and delivering construction quality. Will is a Passivhaus Certifier and teaches on the AECB Carbonlite Passivhaus Designer Course, he was an enthusiastic part of the Brighton AECB group.

Email the group leader

There are no upcoming events at this time.

To chat with members of the group go to the new forum area here. If you are an AECB member, you will need to log in to participate in forum discussions.