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A-Zero Architects is an award winning RIBA chartered practice based in London. Founded in 2010, we aim to create projects which are both responsive and responsible. By responsive we mean approaching each design exercise as a collaborative effort, one that demands an intimate understanding of both Client and Brief before the design process can begin. By responsible, we mean designing and procuring our buildings in a way which does not have an adverse impact on the environment.

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Studio 10, Oru Space, 20, 22 Lordship Lane

Greater London
SE22 8HN
United Kingdom
Scaffolding Board House

The clients for this project wanted to prioritise reused materials throughout. The existing property, though extremely decapitated was essentially solid enough, so we decided to focus our attention in extending the property using recycled materials where possible.

The main opportunity was for the new structure of the rear two story extension. This is made entirely out of recycled scaffolding boards, which extend from party wall to party wall, and create a rhythm of structure through the sitting and kitchen areas.

Fixtures and fittings were procured from other sites including the kitchen counter which came from a School Science lab.

Giles Bruce
Mizue Katayama
Passivhaus Designer