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WUFI Pro: Heat & Moisture Simulation Workshop – online

June 21, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Is the building you are designing or retrofitting:

traditionally built or a protected structure?
to feature a solid wall or unventilated roof buildup?
tall or in an area of strong winds?
damp or considered problematic?
to be fitted with internal wall insulation?
to be made very airtight and highly insulated?
to feature timber in vulnerable positions, like joist ends?
If you are concerned about interstitial condensation, mould or rot then you need to evaluate the risks with WUFI® Pro.

This year’s ONLINE WUFI® Pro Workshop provides a practical, hands-on introduction to how one can use WUFI® Pro to carry out hygrothermal numerical simulation. WUFI® is the world-leading simulation software for understanding the risk of interstitial condensation, mould, rot and freeze-thaw in buildings. The training includes guided use of the software, and a 6-week temporary licence of the full version of the WUFI® Pro software, as well as access to support on the online WUFI® Forum for that period.